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Dan Deluca - Voice Reel
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Dan Deluca - Videogame Voice Reel
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Dan Deluca - Accent Reel
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FINALIST - Best Director Award - 2021 (1).png
FINALIST - Best Male Actor Award - 2021.png
NOMINEE - Falcon International Film Festival - 2021 (1).png
HONORABLE MENTION - Screen Power Film Festival - 2021.png
HONORABLE MENTION - London International Monthly Film Festival - 2022 (2).png
Sessions Finalists 2021 (B).png
Dan Deluca Msin.jpg
Image of Dan Deluca and Millie Hayward
Image of Actor Dan Deluca


Trailer for my YouTube channel. On there you will find comedy sketches and dramatic stories that I have created. There is a wide range of crazy, strange and wonderful characters waiting for you, so head on over to my channel and get involved with the nonsense!

Killing You by Joseph Arnone

In this frightening character monologue, a Killer toys with their latest victim in a real flippant and cold manner.

Comedy villain monologue from the Tony Award-winning play,  “Peter And The Starcatchers.”

It’s not easy being a villainous pirate – as seen by this lament from the ominous (and slightly silly) Captain Black Stache.




A delivery. A special event. A ticking clock and a whirlwind of emotions. Risk taking your eye off the ball and everything could be ruined, what would you do ? 'The Waiting Game' is a short film created by which follows the story of Darren on a very important day with a large responsibility.

HG: RETRIBUTION - (Proof Of Concept)

Hardest Gangsters: Retribution is a dramatic spin off from my comedy series Hardest Gangsters.

The plot follows police officer Ricky Stevens who is now on the run, framed for murder. He makes the choice to leave his life behind and begin the hunt for those that set him up...

Dan Deluca
Dan Deluca
Chris Redfield Cosplay by Actor Dan Deluca
Tuxedo Photoshoot of Model Dan Deluca
Modelling photoshoot Dan Deluca
Behind the scenes filming with Dan Deluca
Image of Dan Deluca
Photo of male model Dan Deluca
Dan Deluca - Commercial.jpg
Dan Deluca Behind the scenes
Dan Deluca
Promotiona shot of Dan Deluca filming upcoming action series
Dan Deluca photoshoot inspired by the stage play The Woman In Black


Dan Deluca
Dan Deluca
Dan Deluca - Theatre.jpg
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