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Movie poster for Solus, Staring Dan Deluca in the lead role
Lead actor Dan Deluca in Solus
Modelling photoshoot of Dan Deluca
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Image of the actor Dan Deluca
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Dan Deluca is an actor, filmmaker, voice actor and model from Hertfordshire, England.

Known for his roles as Daniel in the psychological drama Solus and Will in the upcoming comedy mockumentary Wombats.

Dan Deluca is also an independent filmmaker with his film SOLUS recently being in circulation at UK and International film festivals. Including the Best Actor Award, London Director Award, Falcon International Film Festival. The Lift Off Sessions, Screen Power Film Festival, London International Film Festival. 


Dan Deluca is currently filming a lead role in an upcoming crime drama. 

Dan Deluca will be appearing as Will in the upcoming comedy mockumentary series Wombats, expected to release next year.



Actor Dan Deluca as James Bond Cosplay
Business Suit Actor Dan Deluca
Photoshoot with Actor and Model Dan Deluca
Dan Deluca behind the scenes filming with Duoviri Films
Headshot of Actor Dan Deluca
Crime Drama headshot of actor Dan Deluca
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​Official website for actor, filmmaker, voice actor and model Dan Deluca. 


For as long as I can remember I have always had passion for performing, growing up I used to re-enact movie scenes in my living room and any chance to film something I would gather my friends and my Dads old VHS camcorder and make "Blockbuster" hits in my house.


During high school I initially took a course on production arts as I was fascinated with what went on behind the scenes but quickly realized I preferred being on stage, So I plucked up the courage to audition for the school musical "OH!, What a lovely war" and already being extremely nervous as I was the director made it much easier for me by deciding I could sing a solo in...GERMAN! But since then the whole experience of performing on stage never left me. Leaving school with musical theatre and drama qualifications I ventured into my first professional role performing as a scare actor for a major UK theme park. The concept of being able to scare people half to death while getting paid for it was one of the greatest experiences I have had, not so much was the ridiculous amount of physical injuries received along the way, particularly an accidental swinging of a metal chain into the testicles...

I continued to explore different paths in performing I have spent a season in Majorca, Spain as a hotel entertainer and worked on numerous immersive theatre productions up and down the country.

In my spare time I work actively on producing comedy sketches and dramatic stories. Alongside acting I also write, direct, edit and in addition to this I run the production company which specializes in bespoke actor showreels, with one of the main focuses being able to provide affordable essentials for actors to help further their career.

Recently my short film 'SOLUS' has just been released. The film was created to give a thought-provoking, creative look into mental health. With hopes to push the film into youth group and schools to highlight mental health awareness and also the art of independent filmmaking. Alongside this the comedy short film 'WOMBATS' which I co-directed, produced and worked on also released and currently I am in the process of developing my next short film. 

So that is a little bit about me and my story up until now, hope you enjoy checking out my site.

Thanks for stopping by :)



Dan Deluca - Voice Reel
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Dan Deluca - Animation Voice Reel
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Dan Deluca - American Voice Reel
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Dan Deluca - Accent Reel
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Acting representation:


Tel: 020 8392 8759

Mob: 07954341713

Modelling representation:

Tel: 020 7387 5858

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